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Mirrors Pair of CNC Oval with Black Head & Blue Stem 8mm or 10mm

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Mirror is ideal for replacing your broken or missing mirror on either side of your motorcycle.

Safety is the highest rule in road traffic. This includes taking care not only of one's own safety but also that of other road users.  mirrors are a great help on the motorcycle. The mirrors give you an overview of what happens behind and beside your motorcycle on the road. In addition to the safety aspect, mirrors are often replaced by new motorcycle accessories due to their design. Handlebar mirrors are available in different styles, colours and shapes to suit almost every bike, whether chopper or enduro. Motorcycle mirrors combine functionality, safety and the individualization of your bike with minimal effort.

The high quality mirror glass allows an optimal view of your motorcycle both by day and by night. Manufactured from shatterproof plastic, the mirrors for the motorcycle create a noble look while at the same time low weight.

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