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Motobatt Hybrid Battery MH14B4 Lithium, Lead Acid Hybrid 12v CCA:330A L:150 x H:130 x W:70

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330 Cranking Amps

Motobatt Hybrid vs Lead Acid Battery

90% STRONGER in cranking power

30% LIGHTER in weight

500% LONGER in the life cycle

50% LOWER in self-discharge rate

FASTER in charging time

CONSTANT Cranking in cold weather

Motobatt Hybrid vs Lithium Battery

Compatible with OEM charging systems

200% MORE in Amp Hour Capacity

Temperature Stable

LONGER life cycle

STRONGER cranking in cold weather

ADAPTABLE to lead-acid charger

MORE electronic connections

PROTECTION against over-charging,

over-discharging and heat

Unpack your Motobatt Battery, Fit to Your Motorcycle, Quad or Scooter & Off You Go!

Motobatt Batteries are Fully Sealed - Fully Charged - Maintenance Free -
Have High Cranking Power & Most Have Four Posts For Adding Electrical Accessories.

A Sealed AGM Battery will last longer without charge so are perfect for all bikes left standing for long periods.
AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat which have a much lower discharge rate than other batteries.

The ability for the battery to discharge down to 30% of its capacity and then recover repeatedly
under a standard alternator charge is far superior than acid & gel batteries.
A Motobatt battery is a Factory Activated battery which means it is
conditioned for optimum performance before it leaves the factory.

Whilst Motobatts have a very low discharge rate compared with conventional designs,
from time to time you may need to charge your battery.

If you cannot find the correct battery for your Motorbike, Scooter or Quad then
get in touch with us and will be more than happy to help.

We always advise checking before purchase.


If you have a question please ask.

All items listed are for UK Spec models, unless otherwise stated.

The product sold must be fitted by a qualified motorcycle mechanic in accordance with the original motorcycle manufacturer.

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